Guns and Progress

With the power and widespread use of dust inscription (a post for another day) to augment weaponry the battle fields of erdafel feature swords and shield beside bayonets and rifles. A gun is an important weapon but it cannot defend you against a spell as a sword or shield can.


Gun and firearm technology have advanced well with the magical research over the last hundred years in erdafel with the current favorite among troops and civilians being the revolver or one of it’s variants like the tri-chamber rifle or the dual chamber slugger. It’s easy manufacture and simple design make it a very widespread weapon.


There are key differences between the real world revolver and the erdafel design; the main being the hammer. In erdafel the hammer is a small carefully cut fire crystal that uses percussive activation to fire the bullets instead of igniting gunpowder. It is also much more common to find guns made of bronze or even brass due to magical resonances innate to the metals involved, use too much iron in a gun and the fire crystal inside won’t last as long; there are still many guns made of iron though.

rov1 rov2 rov3

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